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  • Graham and Harrison’s SoCal roots on full display.
  • Full morning for the twins.
  • #Repost @patrick.droney
Woke up this morning having jumped three spots from 14 to 11 on @spotify Viral US 50. Every one of these wins feels like a wrecking ball of love and light straight to my soul. This is song one off a project that means so much to me and was made with my best friends...I’m so grateful to share these moments with you guys. It’s a win for the dream chasers and a reminder that when the tank says empty don’t be afraid to drive further than you think you can handle...there’s magic in those miles. Thanks guys.
  • What can I say? Ed Robertson from @barenakedladiesmusic and I met almost 10 years ago and it’s been a creative and personal relationship that I treasure.  You know when you meet someone that shares all your jokes, favorite music, books, love of great food...that person you effortlessly click with?  Well that’s not Ed...he’s a dullard really...a simpleton...HA!  That’s for Ed.  SERIOUSLY THOUGH, I love this guy...and his band mates. They don’t make em any better, folks.  Ed, thanks for taking me and @wearebetterthanezra out on tour this summer.  Best tour of my life...and thanks for your friendship for realz.  Here’s to the future...with more songs, laughs, and “toe” trucks.  KG
  • Vive La France!
  • Happy Sunday ya’ll and get your @pilgrimagefestival tickets if you wanna see @lionelrichie #sundays
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