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  • Happy Easter part 2
  • Evanston, coming for ya! Love to see all of you from the north shore on May 9 at @evanstonSPACE.
  • #tbt 2nd grade, Atlanta, GA. I was all about Pop Warner and Evel Knievel. Nothing’s really changed.
  • Okay MKE, I'm coming for ya! Home of the pink squirrel, rolling tavern and biggest smallest parade in the world? Psyched for it all! 
Milwaukee, let's get footloose and fancy-free on Wednesday, May 8 at #ShankHall.
  • Happy National Siblings Day!  Here’s my brother, @russ.griffin.50 ready for action sometime around 1980-81.  He will exact revenge against me for posting this photo, but it’s worth it. #Icanrunfasterthanyou
  • @spotify please reverse your course now and support the very people who create the content for your businesses.  What you are doing is short-sighted and just plain greedy.  History will be on the side of the songwriters and musicians. Get right.